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      Company Profile

      Qingdao Li Feng Jie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company of gauge production and also an agent for foreign well-known brand gauge of pressure, weight, liquid level, flow, temperature, transmitter; control instruments and a variety of non-standard test equipment. Our company is also engaged in the industrial site data acquisition and processing, industrial automation system integration and project design.

      Our products can be widely used in the field of petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, water treatment, hydrology, geology, railway, meteorology, metrology, scientific research, automatic instrument manufacturing, production process detection and control system.

      With the corporate philosophies of ‘good product to occupy market, considerate service to win customer’, Qingdao Li Feng Jie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will provide the domestic and foreign customers with the most sincere and satisfactory service!

      Our culture and value:

      We value every employee and try to provide them with the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

      We attach great importance to team spirit, pay attention to cooperation and sharing.

      We have the whole world in view, forge ahead and pursue new growth

      We praise: continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, the core concept of trust

      We will better serve our customers, and take on social responsibility.